The most popular movie soundtracks of all time

Most often, movie soundtracks are the best songs created by the best artists of all times. Which is why if you are looking for some high quality music, you shouldn’t look further than your favourite movie. Here are the best 10 soundtracks that you might have missed in popular movies!

1. Titanic

Maybe one of the best movies of all times is Titanic. But the thing that makes this movie even more famous is the soundtrack signed by Celine Dion and her popular hit “My heart will go on”. This song reached the heart of many fans worldwide and it is still very appreciated nowadays.

2. The Bodyguard

Another great movie is The Bodyguard with the beautiful Whitney Huston and the attractive Kevin Costner. And the soundtrack “I will always love you” is just as popular as the movie itself, if not even more. This became an iconic love song that Whitney Huston kept singing each concert she had.

3. Purple rain

Are you fan Prince? If so, you know the movie Purple Rain and the super famous hit with the same name. This is the most popular Prince song and it was used at various events. Purple Rain became, shortly, a signature song for Prince and a top song preferred by his fans worldwide!

4. Forest Gump

One of the best movies that is iconic for people who try to break their limits is Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. But the movie has a great set of songs in its soundtrack as well and it incorporates 32 songs of the best American music. 

5. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing will charm your heart with both the movie and the music that comes with it. Even if the soundtrack was greatly modified to match the movie, it still sounds very good. You will notice that the guitar sound is not as strong but that is only because it wouldn’t match the preferences of that time. 

6. The Lion King

If you like cartoons, you most likely saw The Lion King. Hakuna Matata is the most representative song of this cartoon movie, but there are plenty of other songs that will steal your heart as you are watching this one. So, get ready to enjoy The Lion King even if you are not a child anymore.

7. Footloose

When it comes to famous movies with just as famous soundtracks, Footloose is hard to forget about. The song is dating in 1984 just like the movie and it remained popular as a classic disco song. So, if you want to move your feet on some good music, this song is worth a try.

8. Top Gun

When it comes to the ‘80s the music of Top Gun is maybe the most popular music of the time. The movie itself is very iconic and representative for Tom Cruise and for the time it was made in. So, you can only win by seeing this movie!

9. Grease

It is hard to compete with John Travolta when it comes to dancing but the music of Grease is just as good too. You will find an entire album with the songs of this movie and they used to be part of most disco nights back in the ‘80s and even ‘90s.

10. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of those cartoons that come with just as beautiful songs. It has plenty of love songs and those kinds of hits that will sparkle the curiosity of the young viewers. And the moments in the movie that are used to play these songs on are simply charming!

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